Wedding Bow Ties

wedding bow tie
image via Bret Cole

What better reason for a handmade bow tie than a wedding?  We have done everything from a single tie for the Groom to an entire set for the Groomsmen and Fathers.

Have a special fabric in mind?  We can make wedding bow ties from something you have already purchased.  Many couples feel overwhelmed and need a little more help, so we can get the whole project rolling with some color or pattern ideas.

Some good question to ask yourself are:
-What season is the wedding?
-Is it indoor or outdoor?
-Is the wedding more formal or casual?
-Have we fully settled on colors?
-What colors, patterns and textiles does the groom look good in?

Since every Smith Brand Bow Tie is made to order, our custom tie process is simple and straight forward.

Shoot us an email and we can get rolling on your wedding.  Even if you have no clue what you are doing, you just want a fantastic wedding, get in touch, I'm sure we can help in some way.