It's with a very light heart that I announce the end of Smith Brand Bow Ties.

Smith Brand has always been very tiny. In fact, usually just me and my fantastic wife. Along the way we have had help from friends, family, strangers, and countless thoughtful and wonderful creative people. As often happens in life, circumstances have shifted, and making bow ties no longer fits in with our life.

I always thought of a bow tie as being a perfect little connector, connecting two stranger at a party, starting a conversation that connects 2 friends, and connected us to so many amazing people around the globe. I would like to thank everyone who supported us, purchased bow ties, referred us to friends or family, sold our ties in their stores, or even just stopped by to say hi or see whats going on.

Please don't stop wearing bow ties on account of this news, as hard as that may seem. Just kidding, we know you, and your love for bow ties. 

Thanks for everything...