The New Smith Brand Logo

handmade bow tiesYou see that there logo? We are test driving what will hopefully be the new Smith Brand identity.

It's called a Kamon; a Japanese family crest. We tweaked the original a little to encompass the process driven and quality focused work taking place at Smith Brand.

The family crest we started with is the Daki Ine (抱き稲). I know you are saying, "Hey wait a minute, this looks like a rice farming family, not a dynasty of bow tie makers?"

You would be right about that, but we like to be constantly reminded that the work we do started with nurturing and harvesting fibers like cotton and wool.

The delicate and tedious process we go though to make a bow tie does not start with us, it goes clear back to the moment a cotton seed was planted, or a lamb was let loose in a fertile and lush field of grass.

We like to remember that the work we do, putting the finishing touches on these rich and natural textiles, would never be possible without the hard work of every pair of hands before ours.