Style Thoughts: A Single Man

bow tie

I finally got around to watching Tom Ford's film, A Single Man. I watch a lot of film, and see a ton of fashion from day to day, and I really struggled to find the separation here.

The big issue I had was that of the "costumes". Good costume design in film needs to be more than beautiful clothing. It needs to support the characters, help tell their story and build their personal narrative. George Falconer's suits did not tell me anything about him. Did not say sad, lonely, depressed, and unfortunately it never crossed my mind that he was a professor.

I love Tom Ford's clothing, both men's and women's. I thought this movie was nice. I reccomend watching it. But it does come across as a 99 minute Tom Ford runway show more than it does a piece of cinema.

Check it out for yourself, let me know what you think...