Smith Brand Holiday Bow Ties

The rumor is true, Smith Brand Bow Ties has decided to celebrate Christmas 2011 with a pair of holiday bow ties. One red, one blue, both totally awesome.

handmade bow tie

We are only making 12 of each tie (you know, those 12 days of Christmas). When they are gone, they are gone. Think about that would you, only 11 other people in the entire universe (theoretically) will own the same tie as you.

I'm pretty confident in saying that by purchasing this tie, you will never run into another person at a Christmas party wearing the same tie and think, "This is really awkward, we are wearing the exact same bow tie."

To make matters even sweeter, we are offering this tie at $40! Plus free shipping worldwide! Can you believe it? I can already feel the mob of bow tie shoppers about to bust down our door Wal Mart style. But you know what? This is the kind of thing we would like to do for our awesome community this time of year.

  • So let's recap:
  • 1- Two awesome super short run bow ties
  • 2- 50% off
  • 3- Free shipping any where in the world
  • 4- 100% chance of looking handsome

What more could you ask for? Get over there before they are all gone. Also, these ties will look dynamite all year-round, so don't think you are limiting yourself to a bow tie that can only be worn once a year.

If you have missed the previous subtle hints, CLICK HERE to go to the bow tie shop.

-Merry Christmas

*if you are hoping to receive this tie before Christmas, consider ordering it before December 16th. I would.