New Ties for a New Year

handmade bow tie

Image via Bret Cole Photography

I truly believe that a bow tie is a loud statement, so keeping it subtle has real value.  I like grey, and blue.  They are both nuanced colors that play off of the rest of a look or even the atmosphere.  Depending on light, and accent colors, a grey fabric can come through in a wide range of shades and hues.

When choosing new textiles, we really thought about working with timeless nuanced fabric.  Fabrics that play off the rest of the look, ones that don't scream at the world, but compliment it's wearer.

With that in mind, we chose to launch 4 new ties this week, 3 of them grey.  In the image above, our new granite tie appears as a cool blue as much as it does grey.  All 4 new ties have a similar effect.

 The 2 solid wool bow ties, ash and granite, are an easy entry for anyone who has never worn a bow tie.  They are simple to wear with a solid or patterned suit, would look great on any color of grey, blue or even black.

The Windowpane bow ties are both a very subtle herringbone with a nice windowpane plaid overlay.  They are a lightweight wool and cashmere blend that almost has to be felt to believe how soft they are.

All 4 new bow ties can be made adjustable (still tie-yourself), or custom made from collar size 14-22 inch.

If you have any questions about these new ties, please get in touch!