N.Y. Senators to Doctors: Lose the Germ-infested Neckties

a bowtie

A group of New York senators are pushing to make doctors ditch neckties and other accessories, including white coats, in an effort to curb the spread of bacteria.

"What your doctor wears around his or her neck can literally make you sick," Democratic Senator Jeffrey Klein told the New York Post.

Our own Doctor Marvin Lipman, Chief Medical Advisor to Consumer Reports, has been aware of this issue for years, and detailed his own switch from neckties to bow ties and how it relates to disease spreading accessories worn by hospital doctors.

“Little did I realize that by making that permanent change in my daily dress code, I would probably be saving lives. Indeed, I had made the right move for the wrong reason.”

Read Dr. Lipman's full article entitled "Preventing MRSA: Why I wear a bow tie"