Man With Bow Tie Tattoo Faces Trial

This dude, Eric Lozano, is really making a bad name for all bow tie enthusiasts.

I would recommend many, many activities while wearing a bow tie, anything from getting married to nervously picking up a prom date, walking your dog or working nearly any job, operating heavy machinery or going on a blind date to name a few. However, one past time I would not suggest, is the one taken up by Mr. Lozano: getting in an argument with your previous roommate about an article of clothing while sitting at a stop light in separate cars and proceeding to shoot him in the head.

The bow tie tattoo is apparently worn by the Playboy Surenos gang of Omaha, Nebraska, giving the perception of the members being gentlemen.

Call me culturally insensitive and or regionally ignorant, but where I'm from, shooting another human being in the head is generally frowned upon and considered very much un-gentlemanly.