How I Got Dressed For My Wedding


I got married to Yuko a few months ago.  She is cool.  She is beautiful.  She has a natural and wonderful sense of style.  She understands her body and her character.  She is confident and knows how to carry herself.

She decided early on that she would wear a vintage kimono for our wedding.  Traditional wedding kimonos are white.  They are delicate and extravagant, generally reserved for a traditional ceremony at a Japanese shrine.  Since we were getting married A) in California, and B) in a the woods, she decided to not wear a wedding kimono, and instead wear a less formal style.  This was where I began to get dressed for my wedding.

Her wearing a non-wedding kimono meant that I would take it down a notch too, from tuxedo to suit.  I had a few other basic things to consider, things that most grooms should:  season, setting, atmosphere, and color to name a few.

We were having a small wedding, in the woods in a park, in the spring, in San Francisco, no wedding party, no colors.  That really left an open playing field for me.

I don't really wear black.  I'm pretty pale, and black washes me out and makes me look car sick.   Blues and greys do me much better, especially since I have bright blue eyes.

After going back and forth on charcoal or navy, I settled on the latter.  I couldn't decide on lapels; notched or peaked, so I was really hoping that the perfect spring suit would find me.  It did.

I ended up buying a navy, linen, harringbone, peaked lapel, double breasted suit.  I had spent my entire adult life hating double breasted jackets, and it turns out, I had just never worn the right one.

wedding tie

So I had settled on the canvas, but what about the rest of the painting?  I will get right to it:  the plain white button down shirt was boring, so I went with a white shirt with a tigh blue floral pattern, spread collar.  It made me smile.  I wore a navy knit tie with a baby blue tip.  I hate wearing a belt.  I don't wear pocket squares.  I bought some new socks and boots.


I went to the park early in the morning with my father and my homeboy Bernardo to set up.  I'm clueless, I thought I would have time to run to my house and change.  I didn't.  I got out of my daily wear and into the wedding suit in the woods, just in time for the first wedding guests to arrive.

wedding tie style

wedding look

wedding style

And that's how I got dressed for my wedding.  I didn't wear a bow tie. (photos by Celeste Noche)