Houyhnhnm Magazine - Japan

This is a little old, last spring, but every garment from this shoot was so wacky, and so perfect, that a year later, it is still totally relevant.

These images come from houyhnhnm magazine #183. They put out a new issue every week, so you can imagine what an incredible atmosphere that office is. A few dudes who love men's style and get mountains of new clothes from every designer in Japan, some from North America and Europe.

Head over to their site to see the latest Tokyo style, sign-up for their mag, follow their blogs, see back issues and more.

I had a lot of fun shooting with these guys at their Daikanyama studio, I'm just bummed the Vespa we spend an hour on didn't make it into the final shots!

Houyhnhnm Magazine

This linen blend suit from Band of Outsiders is an amazing, perfectly cut summer option. The Lacoste polo with the coat isn't my personal style choice, but some can pull it off. I'm a huge fan of White Mountaineering, even a hat with a suit.

Houyhnhnm Magazine

I really liked the suit from Tomorrowland, I was shocked when the stylist kept throwing more and more accessories on. The scarf was ok, the scarf and sweater seemed a bit much. Adding the hat to the scarf and sweater made it so ridiculous that it ended up being really wonderful. The suit also looked great with the striped sweater from Saint James. Now would be a good time to stop reading, but if you must, I feel obligated to say that the neck tie and pocket square in the bottom left picture are...yes...Budweiser. Like the Tomorrowland photo, it was so far over the top, that it ended up looking ok.

Houyhnhnm Magazine

I'm not really a fan of Nigo or his Bathing Ape, but this suit/shirt/tie/hat combo with United Arrows was superb. A light and airy summer weight wool coat and pant complemented by a breathable summer shirt. I am way to white to pull off the Reebok x Tokishirazu sneakers with anything, let alone a $2,000 suit, I'll stick to the more traditional British option from Smart Turnout.