How to Tie a Bow Tie Vol: 5

Here are eight really simple and straight forward steps to tying a bow tie. Number six seems a little tricky, just shove the rear (the white end) behind the black end opposite each other. You should end up with an end and a loop on each side of the bow tie.

I came across this image on the RVR Neckwear blog. I have never owned any of their neck ties, but they seem like great quality silk ties. Thanks for the graphic.

Glen O'Brien on Ties

"It's the rebel element in the wardrobe. It doesn't perform any function at all, so... it's got to be beautiful. And if it's not beautiful, then your wearing the wrong tie."

-Glen O'Brien

Fall/Winter 2011 Sample Fabrics

handmade bow tie

I picked up some beautiful textiles for this fall/winter season. All wools, or wool cashmere blends, shaping up to be a wonderful collection of bow ties.

Old vs. New

About 3 years ago I bought a great pair jeans from Diesel. I wore them 5 or 6 days a week for the first 2 years I owned them, and as they started wearing out I cut down to 1 or 2 days a week. I recently purchased a new and very similar pair of pants. This first time I put them on, I was very amused to think that my old pair used to look just like them. I thought it would be fun to do a little side-by-side to see their wonderful aged look. Keep in mind this is all from natural, every day use, no factory distressing, chemicals or intentional damage. Also, I don't wash them until I absolutely must, usually an annoying spot or unpleasant smell, which takes about 4 months of heavy wear.

old v new

I carry a pen with steel cap that apparently slowly eats away at my right front pocket.

The back panels, just inside the pockets are usually the first place to go, from rubbing on the seat of my bicycle. About a year and a half ago I hand stitched patches on the insides to re-enforce the small holes that were starting to come through.

old vs new

My day to day life has changed a bit in the past year or so, I'm curious how the wear on my pants will be effected by the subtle changes in routine. I carry a wallet and a smart phone now, and being in a little dryer climate I also carry Burt's Bees in my front pocket, it seems silly, but I know in a few years time I will have lines on my jeans that don't exist on these old pants.

Brooks Brothers Double Thrift Score

a bowtie

Thifting a few weeks ago in the Mission I came across not one, but two Brooks Brother ties. The first was a grenadine silk weave neck tie, in basically brand new condition. The second, a bow tie. The bow tie was a little more worn, but a little love made it look as good as new. Pretty exciting find for less than 8 bucks total!

Stranger Than Fiction

I recently re-watch the 2006 film "Stranger Than Fiction". I loved it just as much as the first time, and remember writing post about it, so I dug it up, and my feelings haven't changed too much in the past 5 years.

"What a great surprise, funny, sexy, sad, madly clever, suspenseful, smart and fun to play along with. Will Ferrell is dry and blank, but funny and tragic. Dustin Hoffman, hilariously simple and studious, Maggie Gyllenhaal nails the sexy and kind role. Great music, simple and subtle digital effects."

stranger than fiction looks

An element of the film that was much more clear this time around was the great conservative style on Harold Crick, Will Farrell's character. I suppose that a character obsessed with details would take a bit of care in his own attire, which really stood out to me.

stranger that fiction style

I really enjoyed the simple tie and shirt pairings from almost every scene. The causal looks were splendid as well. Whether wearing a sweater and slacks or having his sleeves rolled up with his tie loosened, the simple details made for a wonderful look throughout the entire film.