The Dashing Tuxedos of Lander Urquijo

I can't stop looking at these tuxedos from Lander Urquijo. I love the off-color peak lapels. Pairing this navy jacket with a powder blue shirt and pocket square is pretty bold, but looks fantastic!


Check out the Lander Urquijo Tumblr too, they currently offer about 12 ties that I would love to own.

PS. - Anybody willing to buy me that navy tux is guaranteed one high-five per day for the next 6-8 months, thank you in advance.

Smith Family Summer Vacation

The amazing and lovely Smith Family spent the past week in a beach side hideout on the Northern California coast. As most social events go in my life, everything seemed to revolve around an abundance of food, great wines and beer but most importantly wonderful company.

Although Fort Bragg is just a few hours North of San Francisco, it feels worlds apart. I generally describe this area as where Wine Country and the Red Woods meet. If you have never been to Mendocino County, I highly suggest it.

smith brand bow ties

smith brand bow ties

smith brand bow ties

smith brand bow ties

On Jocks and Nerds

I found this men's style book at the Academy of Art University library. I really love the journey through men's fashion over the last century or so. It was published by Rizzoli International Publications in 1989, but curated so well that it feels perfectly contemporary. The book is out of print, but is available on Amazon used for about $50.

jocks and nerds

jocks and nerds

From top left, clockwise: The locker room of the Vesper Boat Club, Philadelphia. President Jimmy Carter in a chambray work shirt, 1976. Former share cropper in a work shirt, 1938, New Madrid, Missouri. Andy Warhol, 1980. Tom Waits, London, 1985. Three working men, 1940.

jocks and nerds

From top left, clockwise: Harvard students wearing the Mckenzie bow tie, 1951. Shooting party at Coombe Abbey, the estate of Earl and Countess of Craven, in England, 1920. The Prince of Wales, East Lothian, Scotland, 1925. William Powell, 1929. President Theodore Roosevelt running a steam shovel in the Panama Canal, 1906. Preppies Sean-Patrick Carter and Geoff Scheumann, New York, 1988.

jocks and nerds

From top left, clockwise: Aviator Charles Lindbergh in front of the Spirit of St. Louis, 1927. Commuters, Park Forest, Illinois, 1958. Edward, Prince of Wales, 1920. Ernest Hemingway with his Labrador, 1930.

jocks and nerds

From top left, clockwise: Karl Lagerfeld, Paris, 1976. The Duke of Windsor, 1967. Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain), 1900. Rene Lacoste and Takeichi Harada at the Westside Tennis Club, Forest Hills, New York, 1926.

75 Skills Every Man Should Master

This list from Esquire is a few years old, but still seems just as apt as when I read it in 2008. Some of my favorites include:

  • #5 - name a book that matters
  • #9 - write a letter
  • #10 - buy a suit
  • #14 - chop down a tree
  • #16 - tie a bow tie

how to tie a bow tie

  • #18 - speak a foreign language
  • #40 - speak to an eight year old so he will hear
  • #44 - ask for help
  • #49 - say no
  • #50 - build a campfire


  • #55 - point to the North at any time
  • #71 - iron a shirt

bow tie

  • #75 - negotiate a better price

I can't help but imagine a man who has mastered these skills and these skills only.  Check out the full list here. 

10 Best Dishes in San Francisco

This month's issue of GQ magazine has a wonderful feature from Alan Richman on the culinary innovation and creativity booming in the Bay Area. San Francisco has always played second fiddle to New York when it comes to edible credentials. However, Mr. Richman puts forth quite an argument for the post Alice Waters evolution happening across the city, from Oakland to the Mission.

The Best from the Bay Area's Brightest New Restaurants

san fran food

Birthday Dinner in Las Vegas

Some close friends and family gathered at my sisters house in Las Vegas for my 30th birthday over the weekend. The only rules were black tie and nobody could bring a bottle of wine.

Stephen Romeo cooked an amazing meal covering such delicacies as blueberry goat cheese salad, roasted Chilean sea bass, baby portobello, curried lentils, cast iron grilled filet mignon with white truffle, poached Maine lobster all topped off with a classic cheese cake.

Between the incredible food, gracious company, seemingly bottomless champaign, a little golfing, a skull and crossbones bow tie and Rex, the Labrador, I couldn't imagine a better way to kick off my 30's!


bow tie


bow ties

a bow tie

Salvage Bow Tie

handmade bowtie

I picked up this light green oxford cloth shirt for a few bucks thrifting last week. The general size and fit was off, so I re-purposed the material into a really great little bow tie. The best part was I only used one sleeve of the shirt to make the bow tie, so I'm sure I can get 4 or 5 more ties out of it.

Houyhnhnm Magazine - Japan

This is a little old, last spring, but every garment from this shoot was so wacky, and so perfect, that a year later, it is still totally relevant.

These images come from houyhnhnm magazine #183. They put out a new issue every week, so you can imagine what an incredible atmosphere that office is. A few dudes who love men's style and get mountains of new clothes from every designer in Japan, some from North America and Europe.

Head over to their site to see the latest Tokyo style, sign-up for their mag, follow their blogs, see back issues and more.

I had a lot of fun shooting with these guys at their Daikanyama studio, I'm just bummed the Vespa we spend an hour on didn't make it into the final shots!

Houyhnhnm Magazine

This linen blend suit from Band of Outsiders is an amazing, perfectly cut summer option. The Lacoste polo with the coat isn't my personal style choice, but some can pull it off. I'm a huge fan of White Mountaineering, even a hat with a suit.

Houyhnhnm Magazine

I really liked the suit from Tomorrowland, I was shocked when the stylist kept throwing more and more accessories on. The scarf was ok, the scarf and sweater seemed a bit much. Adding the hat to the scarf and sweater made it so ridiculous that it ended up being really wonderful. The suit also looked great with the striped sweater from Saint James. Now would be a good time to stop reading, but if you must, I feel obligated to say that the neck tie and pocket square in the bottom left picture are...yes...Budweiser. Like the Tomorrowland photo, it was so far over the top, that it ended up looking ok.

Houyhnhnm Magazine

I'm not really a fan of Nigo or his Bathing Ape, but this suit/shirt/tie/hat combo with United Arrows was superb. A light and airy summer weight wool coat and pant complemented by a breathable summer shirt. I am way to white to pull off the Reebok x Tokishirazu sneakers with anything, let alone a $2,000 suit, I'll stick to the more traditional British option from Smart Turnout.