How to Wear a Bow Tie Vol: 3

bow tie

The gentlemen above has done a great job of using his bow tie to complement his overall casual approach on a classic and formal look; broadcloth button up, tie and suspenders.

Bow ties are often seen as neat and tidy, however, as demonstrated above, they can also be a bit disheveled and messy. The fussy nature of a bow tie does not always have to be fought, embrace it, let it reflect your mood or the days temperament.

New Handmade Dopp Kit

I had been keeping my eyes out for a new dopp kit to keep my personal effects when I travel. I was looking for something durable and well made, timeless and more aesthetically pleasing than the sandwich baggie that the TSA would prefer I carry.

I never came across the perfect bag, so, as most things of this nature go for me, I decided to make one myself.

I knew the general dimensions of a kit I would want, so the first step is to sketch something approximate, then turn that rough drawing into a solid pattern.

Due to the nature of the contents, a durable water proof material would be ideal. I went with a corded vinyl I salvaged from a military surplus seller. The original fabric was used to bag camouflage netting in the battle field, so it should have no problems holding my shaving brush and shampoo. After transferring the pattern onto the vinyl, I was ready to cut and begin construction.

smith brand bow ties

After a few quick stitches with the bag inside-out, I attached the zipper and was ready for the final details.

smith brand bow ties

I attached pull tabs on either end of the zipper and was ready to go. I am really happy with how this bag turned out. The vinyl I chose offers enough structure to keep its shape and form, all while holding the random bits of personal junk I drag around with me.

smith brand bow ties

Special Delivery: The SF Playhouse

I put together these funky little ties for the SF Playhouse last week. They had their annual Gala/Fundraiser, so new bow ties were in order.

 handmade bow tie

They put on wonderful plays as well as need colorful bow ties. Their new production "Honey Brown Eyes" kicks off this week, go check it out.

Tokyo Afternoon

Did a little cleaning on my hard drive today. I came across this video I made a few years ago. Me and @okudairayuko out for the afternoon. A fun glimpse into the past...