Smith Brand Bow Ties for Her

Over the past few months we have had a lot of interest from ladies around the world regarding women's bow ties. Some are interested in softer more feminine ties, others inquire about ordering our men's products in a smaller size.

So today, we are pleased to announce the launch of Smith Brand for Her. A small collection of cozy wool bow ties made for women.

The bow tie, as an object, is very masculine, these ties take that edge off and a allow for a bit of stylistic crossover.

handmade bow tie

So any ladies out there that have been wanting to give this look a shot, now is your chance. And gentlemen, don't be shy, I would, and will wear every one of these ladies ties (especially that Mint Chip!).

*I hold no guarantees that by purchasing a ladies bow tie will you look as fabulous as the lady in the above photos, sorry.

Style Thoughts: A Single Man

bow tie

I finally got around to watching Tom Ford's film, A Single Man. I watch a lot of film, and see a ton of fashion from day to day, and I really struggled to find the separation here.

The big issue I had was that of the "costumes". Good costume design in film needs to be more than beautiful clothing. It needs to support the characters, help tell their story and build their personal narrative. George Falconer's suits did not tell me anything about him. Did not say sad, lonely, depressed, and unfortunately it never crossed my mind that he was a professor.

I love Tom Ford's clothing, both men's and women's. I thought this movie was nice. I reccomend watching it. But it does come across as a 99 minute Tom Ford runway show more than it does a piece of cinema.

Check it out for yourself, let me know what you think...

On Location: The Solutions Foundation Annual Reception

The Solutions Foundation is a Las Vegas based non profit focused on drug and alcohol prevention and awareness for teens and young adults. Once a year they have a fundraiser to gather and thank their supports and build community awareness. This years event was an enormous success, I'm sure somewhat to do with the presence of a few Smith Brand Bow Ties.

 handmade bowties

All Joking aside, The Solutions Foundation is doing some really incredible work in the Las Vegas valley. To find out more or to get involved, check out

The New Smith Brand Logo

handmade bow tiesYou see that there logo? We are test driving what will hopefully be the new Smith Brand identity.

It's called a Kamon; a Japanese family crest. We tweaked the original a little to encompass the process driven and quality focused work taking place at Smith Brand.

The family crest we started with is the Daki Ine (抱き稲). I know you are saying, "Hey wait a minute, this looks like a rice farming family, not a dynasty of bow tie makers?"

You would be right about that, but we like to be constantly reminded that the work we do started with nurturing and harvesting fibers like cotton and wool.

The delicate and tedious process we go though to make a bow tie does not start with us, it goes clear back to the moment a cotton seed was planted, or a lamb was let loose in a fertile and lush field of grass.

We like to remember that the work we do, putting the finishing touches on these rich and natural textiles, would never be possible without the hard work of every pair of hands before ours.

Smith Brand x Huckberry x The Bold Italic

smith brand bow tiesWe are Super excited to announce "The Bold Italic" sale happening right now (yes, right this moment) at

Huckberry is a members only guide to apparel, gear and travel for the active life. For the next 8 days they will be hosting an exclusive sale curated by The Bold Italic, featuring Smith Brand Bow Ties at about 20% off. These ties are not available anywhere else, and for a seriously good price.

So stop reading this, and get over there and support a good company that supports other good companies. Smith Brand is only 1 of 7 great local San Francisco companies that are being featured this week.

Dogpatch’s own Rickshaw Bagworks produce bike-friendly messenger backs that are timelessly cool, unflinchingly functional and styled in their own custom tear and water-resistant tweed fabric that is literally made from recycled bottles.

Triple Aught Design creates legendary, adventure-inspired apparel that is equally at home in a Hayes Valley coffee shop and on the cables at Half Dome.

South Park’s Public Bikes are European-inspired bicycles that are elegantly designed and perfectly suited to urban excursions.

Alite Designs’ mission to get urban types out into nature – even if it’s only the Presidio or Golden Gate Park - is evidenced in their unique and playful bags and camping gear.

Based in the Mission, Boreas makes beautiful and practical outdoor equipment that is perfect for “dayhikes and dayjobs.”

Headline Shirts awesome graphic tees celebrate our vices, failings, shortcomings and the unique charms of San Francisco. Headline’s take on the “I Heart SF” shirt - with a lone twisted mangled bicycle wheel standing in for a heart - perfectly captures the frustratingly lovable charms of living in our city.

Man With Bow Tie Tattoo Faces Trial

This dude, Eric Lozano, is really making a bad name for all bow tie enthusiasts.

I would recommend many, many activities while wearing a bow tie, anything from getting married to nervously picking up a prom date, walking your dog or working nearly any job, operating heavy machinery or going on a blind date to name a few. However, one past time I would not suggest, is the one taken up by Mr. Lozano: getting in an argument with your previous roommate about an article of clothing while sitting at a stop light in separate cars and proceeding to shoot him in the head.

The bow tie tattoo is apparently worn by the Playboy Surenos gang of Omaha, Nebraska, giving the perception of the members being gentlemen.

Call me culturally insensitive and or regionally ignorant, but where I'm from, shooting another human being in the head is generally frowned upon and considered very much un-gentlemanly.

Back to School Style

bow ties

This is a second grade class at Garfield School in Canal Funton Ohio in 1938. I'm sure the kids were "dressed up" for picture day, but it's still impressive that nearly every 7 year-old in this photo is dressed better than most of the San Francisco work force.