How to Wear a Bow Tie Vol: 8

wool bow tie

It's hard to wear a bow tie and not have that look in your eye.

Also; Bow tie + Tweed Jacket = Almost certain career in Worldwide archaeological exploration.

Summer Bow Ties - For Her

We are extremely happy to announce our cotton summer bow ties "For Her".

These lovely feminine ties are the creation of Yuko Okuadaira. She wanted to design something fun yet pretty and soft. They are the perfect summer accessory to replace the scarf or muffler you wish you could wear during the warmer summer months.

We currently have 5 beautiful and unique prints to choose from, all woven and printed in Japan, cut and sewn in our San Francisco workshop.

All 5 ties are available for order now in limited supplies. Head over to the shop for more details.

Check out our ladies look book titled "A Girl" featuring the wonderful Myriah Zaytoun.

Style Thoughts: The Man Who Dressed America

Mickey Drexler is a name that many people may not know, but should; there is a good chance he helped you get dressed today.

Mickey Drexler is often called the the king of retail. After getting his start at Bloomingdale's, Macy's and Ann Taylor he moved to the Gap for 18 years.


 Millard Drexler, was responsible for Gap Inc.'s phenomenal growth in the 1990s. He transformed "the humble discount-jeans emporium with the groovy seventies vibe and goofy jingle into an international arbiter of style and a global megabrand. He had tossed out the Gap’s product line and reinvented it from scratch, redesigned the company’s stores from floor to ceiling, and ushered in breakthrough ad campaigns, from “Individuals of Style” (Whoopi Goldberg, Spike Lee, Lorraine Bracco) to “Who Wore Khakis?” (Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, Picasso). By introducing consumers to stylish-but-affordable basics—khakis, pocket tees, prewashed jeans—Drexler exploded the myth that good taste has to be expensive. He allowed the masses to look good without going broke, and in the process, he not only changed the way the world dressed and built the Gap into a $14.5 billion behemoth. It could be argued that he invented casual chic."
— Meryl Gordon, Mickey Drexler’s Redemption, New York Magazine

After leaving the Gap in 2002 Mr. Drexler was quickly hired to run J.Crew. His focus on quality details and stylish garments brought almost instant success to a flailing company.

I recently watched a captivating 2008 interview with Mr. Drexler on Charlie Rose. For me the big take away was his views on hiring and working with creative people.

Jump ahead 4 years, both Mr. Drexler and J.Crew are still leading the way. In early June CNBC profiled Mickey Drexler the man and what many would call the most hands on CEO in America.

The profile offers incredible insight on business management, creative growth, fashion, style and production. Nearly everyone I know will find something to attach to in this perfectly done piece.

How to Wear a Bow Tie Vol: 7

how to wear a bow tie

Had a few friends mention this ad to me, then I saw it in Wired mag last month. So great, and the perfect usage of a bow tie!

New Limited Edition Confetti Bow Tie!

custom bow tie 

We recently picked up a few yards of this amazing Japanese cotton. It somehow manages to make a bow tie that is both chic and playful. It can be very casual, but may also make a nice replacement for that boring old formal black tie.

There is only enough material to make a few of these, 5 tops, so get your order in ASAP, this is one of those things that you don't want to regret the rest of your life, seriously, think about that.

How to Wear a Bow Tie Vol: 6

bow tie

If David Hockney can pull off a bow tie in that suit with that hair and those glasses floating in a raft, well...I'm sure that you will fair just fine in what ever situation you would like to wear your bow tie in.

Those Bow Tie Guys: Yanase Wedding Party

handmade bow ties

On a beautiful March afternoon, a small crew from across Japan gathered in San Francisco for one of my best friend's wedding. It was small, beautiful, intimate and nearly overrun with bow ties. I love the timeless generational and cultural gaps being spanned by this little accessory.