Comprehending Copious Collars

I found this image on the Brooks Brother Blog "of Rogues & Gentlemen".

bow tie collars

The post goes into great detail about today's far less romantic collars such as The Clifford, The English Spread and the business appropriate Forward Point or Straight Collar. This image really left me wondering if Mr. Lagerfeld wears a Boylston or a Murray Hill, and more importantly, why aren't more men taking that route?

Emancipation Schematication

Mike Mitchell did this wonderful deconstruction of President Lincoln that was made into a Threadless Tee last year.


He really managed to simplify a visual icon. Makes me want to farm a little beard and invest in a top hat. I hope he does some more historic figures in the future.

N.Y. Senators to Doctors: Lose the Germ-infested Neckties

a bowtie

A group of New York senators are pushing to make doctors ditch neckties and other accessories, including white coats, in an effort to curb the spread of bacteria.

"What your doctor wears around his or her neck can literally make you sick," Democratic Senator Jeffrey Klein told the New York Post.

Our own Doctor Marvin Lipman, Chief Medical Advisor to Consumer Reports, has been aware of this issue for years, and detailed his own switch from neckties to bow ties and how it relates to disease spreading accessories worn by hospital doctors.

“Little did I realize that by making that permanent change in my daily dress code, I would probably be saving lives. Indeed, I had made the right move for the wrong reason.”

Read Dr. Lipman's full article entitled "Preventing MRSA: Why I wear a bow tie"

Kentucky Derby Hat & Bow Tie Contest

bow tie

The style at this year's Kentucky Derby is guaranteed to be fun and unexpected. Luckily the wonderful summer styling won't be ending at the the gates of Churchill Downs. The Round Robin Bar in D.C. will be hosting a Derby party complete with contest for elaborate hats for the gals and bow ties for the gents.

Thrift Store Treasure

used danners

I picked up a beautiful pair of Danner Mountain Lights for 8 bucks last week. As far as I'm concerned, this is as good as a mountaineering boot gets. They have a timeless design made by hand in Portland Oregon by the best materials available.

My favorite part of this find is that they are still being sold new for about $322 more than I paid, plus mine are already broken in. Thank you who ever donated these gorgeous boots.

Huh? Is That a Bow Tie?

a bow tie

In a bizarre and desperate attempt to recreate the glory of the Old Spice shower ads of yesteryear, Old Spice just launched a new ad for Danger Zone. I could care less about the ad and accompanying product, I just want to know what the fuck is up with this dude's bow tie? I realize that guys like Tom Ford are making the untied bow tie cool/sexy, but what was this stylist thinking? Seriously, did they have this thing special made? Why is one end still a bow tie? Are we too stupid to know that it used to be a bow tie if both ends were untied?