2014 Bow Tie Sample Sale


We are kicking off our 2014 sample sale today with these 28 little beauties.  Most of these samples (all but 3) are one of a kind.  That means you will own a piece of Smith Brand (and human) history.

We know what you are thinking?  What the hell is a "sample"?

Dang!  Good question.  A Smith Brand sample can be one following things:

  • A custom sample we made for a wedding, but then they chose another textile
  • An unused return from a customer that wanted another size or style
  • A tie we were thinking of putting into our sales lineup, then did not do that
  • We totally just found it in the back of a drawer from last year, and now we are selling it to you for a crazy cheap price
  • We like to buy buy buy when we see a great textile, then tragically it does not fit in anywhere so we ignore it and it gets sad and lonely so we make one bow tie and sell it to you

We are selling all sample bow ties for 25 bucks, you can find them HERE.  The usual applies; free shipping, upgraded shipping available.  Get in touch if you have any questions about this hot deal!